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Titan HST Reduces Emergency Response Time by 50%

(Newport Beach, Calif.) – If you could be better prepared to get help during the next natural disaster, wouldn’t you take that opportunity? Before you experience a life-threatening situation, engage in a partnership with Titan HST, a comprehensive emergency alert and mass notifications system, suitable for businesses, governments, schools, and more.

Prior to 2004, the Florida coast had endured one major hurricane in some 40 years, Hurricane Andrew, that made landfall. Now records say the pendulum may be swinging in the other direction, bringing a greater than normal number of major storms to the eastern coast of the U.S. and that residents in those areas should be prepared for increased major hurricane activity over the next two or three decades.

Recognized by Forbes for their cutting-edge technology, Titan HST is connecting people who need help with the people nearest to them who can provide it. “It’s no longer a question of if you need help, it’s when you’re going to need help,” said Vic Merjanian, Esq., Founder & CEO of Titan HST.

The Titan app allows users to receive help at the touch of a button by pinpointing the user’s location and safety status and sending their data to all system administrators, law enforcement agencies and other emergency responders in their area. The platform also allows administrators to disseminate information instantly providing education on how to effectively prepare for a hurricane, emergency materials to include site maps for evacuation routes, and what to do before and after a disaster. “The Titan app has successfully reduced emergency response time by 50% and has already been utilized more than 62 million times over the past year and a half,” Merjanian adds.

In addition, the Titan app has an augmented reality feature that allows response teams to locate people who are sending emergency alerts, which have been lifesaving in the case of fires, floods and in situations where people are trapped and unable to escape.

One major issue that hinders all of us from accessing rapid assistance during a disaster is connectivity. The Titan app utilizes mesh networking so that device-to -device communication can continue when there is no network or available Wi-Fi connection, and in cases when networks may be overloaded. Merjanian states that “with the ability to translate content in real time, the app is able to break down language barriers allowing for accurate communication in order to ensure fast response times.”

Titan HST has realized exponential growth of its product among organizations in the education, government and private sectors. Merjanian “looks forward to rolling out this platform for individual use in the near future.” For more information, please visit