Titan HST in Action

A comprehensive emergency alert system & mass notifications system, suitable for businesses, governments and schools. The software platform allows administrators, organizational users and emergency personnel to communicate emergency information quickly and in real time – increasing information dissemination and reducing emergency response time.

Titan HST Advantage


Seconds in average user response time.


Reduction in administrative response time versus a non-Titan HST emergency alert.

Why It Matters


353+ mass shootings in the United States in 2015. 


12,223+ people killed in gun incidents in 2015. 


24,722+ people injured in gun incidents in 2015. 


387 school shootings since 1992 in the United States.


46% of schools reported student threat of physical attack without a weapon.


10% of city schools, and 5% of suburban schools, reported gang-related crime.


25% of schools reported the distribution, possession, or use of illegal drugs.


8% of schools reported student threat of physical attack  with a weapon.


6% of teachers had been physically attacked by a student.

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Receive specific emergency broadcast messages from administrators.

Communicate alerts & chat messages to administrators within the network.

Survey your community’s emergency status; respond to emergency safety status requests.

Initiate a campus wide lockdown, reaching users in record time.

Upload site specific Emergency Plan data – view site specific Emergency Plan data.

Export alerts, chat messages, and broadcasts.


The Titan HST mobile system is a pillar to our nations' public safety. It enables the community and law enforcement personnel to communicate instantly and in real time.

Dave Long, Former CA Secretary of Education

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