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Mass Communications with Titan HST

Welcome to EM Weekly, I am Todd DeVoe, and today we have a special guest here, with an awesome communications tool, and just for full disclosure, I saw Vic from Titan HST give a presentation, and I fell in love with the product …

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EU Crisis Communication System

Following the explosions in Brussels on 22 March 2016, there seems to be a need for a crisis communication system to complement the existing SMS/e-mail notifications and …

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There’s an App for That? “Titan HST” App Improves Campus Security: LA Times

Technology has undoubtedly become rooted in many of our schools institutions, and security is no exception. CdM recently implemented the security app Titan HST into the school’s…

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CdMHS Introducing Emergency Communication App to Entire Student Body

During online registration earlier this month, Corona del Mar High School families had the chance to sign up for a new emergency communication app that will help students….

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Can a Smartphone App Really Increase Security?

Since Sandy Hook and other shooting tragedies parents, students and administrations throughout the nation are forced to think about themselves within emergency situations….

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School Board OKs Emergency App for Corona del Mar High Students

Students at Corona del Mar High School could be using a smart phone app to communicate with school officials and police during emergencies as early as this school year….

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