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Titan HST introduces Platform 6.0 with MeshNetworking to revolutionize emergency two-way communication system

(Newport Beach, Calif.) – Titan HST has updated their emergency two-way communication platform to 6.0, offering augmented reality, real-time translation, mesh networking and crowd-sourced data at increased speed and efficiency.

Augmented reality allows rescuers to see through walls, the dark, underground subways, building collapses, rubble, smoke, fire and more, offering you almost superpowers and X-ray vision in the palm of your hand.

Users can also communicate using real-time translation. As seconds count during an emergency, Titan HST 6.0 allows users to communicate in real time and blow through language barriers. Today, Titan HST translates into more languages than ever before in real-time.

Catastrophic emergency, power out, cell towers down? With mesh networking, Titan HST 6.0 allows continuous two-way communication by creating a local decentralized mesh wireless network through existing electronic devices until a tower or another source of connectivity with an appropriate signal is found.

Crowdsourced data also provides administrators and emergency personnel with information regarding emergency SOS alerts and community safety check-in status. Users can also provide updated information in real time during an emergency by commenting on broadcast message sent by administrators.

“We are very pleased with the release of 6.0,” said Titan HST founder and CEO Vic Merjanian. “The addition of mesh networking is just another step in our attempt to save lives and minimize property loss, and that’s what it’s about at the end of the day. We continue to raise the bar that we set, because we recognize that better matters because lives matter. It’s our continual effort to remain out in front of this issue.”

About Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.

Titan HST is a California-based tech company providing a multi-patented comprehensive emergency alert and mass notifications system for businesses, governments and schools. The mobile app allows users and emergency personnel to communicate emergency information instantly – including GPS coordinates, text, audio, pictures and videos – increasing information dissemination and reducing emergency response time. Using multi-lingual real-time translation, augmented reality, mesh networking, and crowd sourced data, Titan HST’s mobile two-way communication platform serves the needs of workplaces, campuses and governments around the globe. For more information, please visit