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Titan HST Boosts R&D Efforts Bringing 21st Century Tech to Next-Gen 911

March 2, 2017, Newport Beach, Calif. – Vic A. Merjanian, Founder and CEO of Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc., today announced the company’s increase of its research and development budget to integrate leading edge on-demand medical capabilities into Titan HST, its patent-pending 2-way emergency communications mobile app and web platform used in schools, government and corporate organizations to secure their campuses.

“We believe Augmented Reality is in its infancy and that its application for emergency response will become ubiquitous as adminstrators responsible for security recognize its life saving potential. We are dedicating more of our budget to focus on deepening our current AR capabilities to enable more comprehensive real-time medical and emergency help for those injured in emergency incidents – large scale or individual. Integrating crowdsourced data, multi -lingual translation and advanced AR with on-demand medical personnel will make it difficult to justify out dated one way emergency communications, keeping Titan HST at the forefront of innovation in this arena”, stated CEO Vic A. Merjanian.

“I regard it as a big idea like the smartphone. […] I think AR is that big, it’s huge. I get excited because of the things that could be done that could improve a lot of lives. […] I do think there can be a lot of things that really help people out in daily life, real-life things, that’s why I get so excited about it,” according to Tim Cook, Apple CEO.M

During an alert, users can communicate relevant emergency information, including their GPS coordinates, text, audio, pictures and videos, as well as classify the type of emergency. In addition, users have the ability to speak with administrators and emergency personnel. Administrators and emergency personnel receive emergency alerts via push notification, text message, web pop -up, email, and can communicate directly with users and send lockdown notifications and broadcast messages to the entire site.

About Titan HST and Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.

Titan HST is a patent pending internationally accessible, multi-lingual, customizable, mobile two way emergency system. Titan Health & Security Technologies’ ( interdisciplinary team includes industry leaders with deep relationships in target markets which include any public or private, government or non-governmental organization concerned about safety. The corporation is privately owned and headquartered at 500 Newport Center Drive, Suite 950, Newport Beach, CA 92660. To

interview Vic A. Merjanian, Esq., Founder and CEO, please contact Gary Douglas at 310.592.3049 or