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Las Vegas Massacre Reveals Limitations of 911 Systems

New Emergency Communications Mobile App Saving Lives in California

Newport Beach, Calif., October 2, 2017 — 911 emergency communications were overwhelmed in Texas and Florida when thousands of people attempted to get help escaping from their flooded homes and businesses. First responders ranging from police and EMS to the “Cajun Navy” had no way for victims to communicate the severity of their situation or exact location for rescue, and first responders had no way to prioritize which flood victims warranted help next. A new patented NextGen emergency communication system featuring an easy to use mobile application, Titan HST, is being implemented at schools, municipalities and private companies nationwide, and the European Union has issued a Letter of Intent to deploy the system upon successful conclusion of a pilot program currently under evaluation. Dozens of other organizations nationwide are also trying and beginning to deploy Titan HST, the brainchild of a millennial lawyer in Newport Beach, California, who formed Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc. to roll out the platform worldwide. Initially targeting schools and launching in 2016 , the company expects to have more than one million users within the next year.

The Titan HST mobile system is a pillar to our nation’s school safety. It enables students, faculty, parents, teachers, and police to communicate instantly and in real time,” according to Dave Long, Ph.D., former California Secretary of Education.

  • Anyone with a smart phone and the high load capable, multi-lingual with real-time translating Titan HST mobile app or web platform can speak to first responders or system administrators to tell them the specifics of their emergency and get help
  • Augmented Reality enables rescuers to find victims even in no-visibility situations such as a family in the attic of a flooded home
  • The emergency mass communications system has redundant connectivity with cellular, wi-fi and LAN and redundant broadcast notification methods (App Push Notification, text messages, e-mail, web pop-up, robo-calls, and voice-recorded calls)
  • Titan HST integrates Privacy-by-Design and leverages technologies that include not just Augmented Reality but Real-time Translation and Crowdsourced Data. Using Augmented Reality, emergency responders can flip their mobile devices like a camera and scan buildings or entire cities to find those in need, even in no-visibility situations such as at night, during fires, or when trapped in a flooded building
  • Titan HST provides organizations and users with site-specific mobile and web based 2-way emergency mass communications, reliably and redundantly enabling users, administrators and first responders to instantly communicate emergency alerts, broadcasts and lockdowns, survey users and communities for safety status and location and provide site-specific emergency materials.

About Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.

Titan HST is a patented internationally accessible, multi-lingual, customizable, mobile two way emergency system. Titan HST’s interdisciplinary team includes industry leaders with deep relationships in target markets which include any public or private, government or non- governmental organization concerned about safety. The corporation is headquartered at 500 Newport Center Drive, Suite 950, Newport Beach, CA 92660. To interview Vic A. Merjanian, Esq., Founder and CEO, please contact Gary Douglas at 310.592.3049 or