FAQ: General

Parents, Students

How can my site try out the Titan HST campus safety application? 

First, schedule a free demo. Once Titan HST has provided you with a demonstration of the campus safety network, you will be provided with user credentials for a 90 day free trial. With this information, you will have full access to the Titan HST, along with tutorial support. Feel free to show others within your community the countless features of the application. After the 90 free trial, sites engage in a licensing arrangement with Titan HST.

How does a site implement the Titan HST campus safety emergency communication network? 

The Titan HST campus safety network can be implemented by the IT Department of the respective campus. Implementation of the system occurs via a Titan HST web portal, Clever or Google – our full time support team ensures each site gets the support they need in rolling out the mobile application. All school users will login via Google & Parents will register with a site specific campus code – please talk to your administrator if you are in need of your campus code.

How does the campus safety application work? 

Users login with their respective credentials, administered to them directly by Titan HST or by the campus’s respective IT department; IT departments can enable its users to login through Clever or Google. Upon login, users will be prompted through a tutorial, explaining all the important features of the application – sending alerts, receiving alerts, sending broadcasts, receiving broadcasts, initiating lockdowns and receiving lockdowns. All data is communicated via mobile or web push notifications – end users receive alert push notification and broadcast notifications from Titan HST.

How much does the application cost to download? 

The application is free to download from the app store, and system credentials are provided by either Titan HST or the respective campus’s IT department once a campus has come on board to roll out the software. The application is licensed on a per site basis for less than a penny per user, per day.

Do alerts and broadcast data always go to law enforcement? 

Sites that do have law enforcement integration will have communication go to that municipality’s police dispatch, School Resource Officers and local police officers.

Once Titan HST is rolled out to a campus, how do families register? 

Families download the application and register with a 5 digit unique code provided by the site administrator. Once students have been registered into a respective school network, families can invite their students to connect. A family connects to a student by sending an invitation request via email, within the app. The student then opens the app and accepts the invite.

What do families receive from Titan HST? 

Site administrators or law enforcement send broadcast notification to families. Student alerts initiated outside of the campus geofence goes only to the families. The ability for families to receive alerts from a connected student is an in-app purchase upgrade ($9.99 USD). However, student alerts initiated inside the campus geofence goes only to the school administrators and law enforcement personnel.

What is Titan HST?

Titan HST is a mobile, 2-way emergency communication system being utilized at your child’s school.

Titan HST allows your child to quickly communicate and share relevant information, such as location data (only when affirmatively triggered by the user) with administrators, police, or other designated emergency personnel.

Titan HST also allows your child’s school administrators and/or police to quickly notify you, your children, teachers, and staff of emergency situations and/or lockdowns on campus.

How much will Titan HST cost me?

Students, Titan HST can be downloaded and used at no cost to you. 

Parents, you will receive broadcast notifications from your child’s school for free. If you wish to connect to your child and receive emergency alerts including their location when they are off campus, such as when they are at a mall or on their way to a friend’s house, you may choose to do so through our premium subscription of $9.99 per child per year. 

How do I download Titan HST?

Once your school has enrolled in Titan HST, you will receive an email with instructions for logging in. Please note that you must be invited in to the system before having the ability to log in so hang tight for an email from the Titan HST team! 

What devices does Titan HST work on?

The Titan HST application can be downloaded on any of the latest iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, and Apple Watch. It is also accessible via web, text, and email. 

What if I don’t have an iPhone or Android phone?

Don’t worry! You can also receive 1-way text and email notifications from Titan HST by providing your email and/or cell phone number.

What do I do after I’ve successfully logged in to Titan HST?


When logging in, make sure you have enabled push notifications as well as location services.  Do not log out and be sure to update your phone when you receive software update notifications and you will continue to receive Titan HST’s emergency notifications.

Is Titan HST secure?

You bet! We use industry standard security protocols. We’ve also got a really smart team!

Tell me more about privacy.

Titan HST never tracks you in the background. The only time your location is tracked is when you (students) send an alert or respond to a safety status check in. 

If you’d like to learn more, check out our privacy policy at https://www.titanhst.com/privacy/

Will Titan HST drain my battery/take up space on my device?

No! Titan HST has been designed to be extremely easy on your battery. When the app is not open, it doesn’t use any resources, and when it is open, it’s been designed to use as little as possible.

Also, we have built the app to be very small, generally the same size (Megabytes) of just a few songs. 

How does Titan HST handle sensitive student information? 

Titan HST is FERPA compliant, SOPIPA (CA) compliant, and COPPA compliant. What a relief!


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